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"The most important journey in life, is the journey within."

- Athena Metos, LMFT

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Meet Athena

Psychotherapist, LMFT


My life has taken me on many career paths and yet within them there was always one constant. People! It is my relationship with others that truly inspires me. It continues to motivate my need for learning the tools to help navigate through life's little attempts to derail us!


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Our Services

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Individual Psychotherapy

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Couples Counseling and


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Family Therapy

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I’ve been working with Athena for 13 years now (since I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 15) and it is 100% true that if I hadn’t found her I would be worse off. She has been a steady force in my life helping me find my truth, my voice, and to hold myself accountable to show up better and more fully in my life. She has helped me move past my traumas, work through my entanglements, and helped me to love, trust, and respect myself more than ever. She asks the best questions, is insightful and positive, and non-judgemental. She has been the best therapist I could have asked for and I’m so grateful to still be working with her, even after all these years!

- Lily

Athena has a way of making me feel seen and supported as well as challenging me to find the best in myself. She helps me really get down to the root of my behaviors. She’s witty and charming and an incredible listener. She rises above and beyond for me with my busy schedule. Therapy is not always an easy process, but Athena always has my back and I am so deeply grateful for her love and support.

- John

"Athena has been my therapist for 4 years now. I have gone through my fair share of therapists and none of them seemed like the right fit for me, until I met Athena. She has helped me change my life for the better in more ways then I can count. I can't express the love and respect I have for Athena as a therapist, I highly recommend contacting Athena. She will help you move mountains."

- Hannah

Athena's insightfulness and depth have been invaluable as she helps us build tools and strategies to navigate the issues that come up in our relationship. We have worked with her over a year and recommend her highly.

- Amanda

Athena stands out to me as an honest, encouraging, and incredible therapist. I was referred to Athena at a time in my life when I really needed a truthful, compassionate look in the mirror. My sessions with her have a lasting effect in my daily life. I find myself mentally referring to her words of wisdom often.

- James

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